Angry Kiwis: Flash Game (2011)

During my stay in New Zealand, particularly over one of the New-Years holidays, the company I worked for would send out a sort of holiday greeting email to clients with a bit of a twist. Last year, we decided to make an online Flash game called Angry Kiwis. The purpose of the game was something fun New Zealanders could play. You would select the bank you are with, and if it is an AU bank, you can play the game by throwing "Angry Kiwis" at the bank you are with (on obvious spin off of Angry Birds, but Kiwis are the native bird of New Zealand).

I built this game using the Box2d physics engine that is also used in the official Angry Birds game. Then designed and built it to my liking in Flash, as well as the HTMl for the site the game was hosted on. At the time, it would also record your scores, and show you a leader-board.

"Angry Kiwis" Game

Click on the image to take the game for a spin!